It's a Journey!

Here at Progression Fitness we're committed to providing a fun and effective way to train.

Our membership packages offer support, advice, progression monitoring, assessments and more the bootamps free pass are suitable for everyone no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right

Henry Ford

Meet the team


Steve at 51 and his son

Steve has always enjoyed being active and outside from a young age, and even now that Steve is in his mid fifties he still enjoys regular training, learning and personal development. His interest in Fitness started as a young boy when he began training in martial arts and has continued this study throughout his life.

In 1999 Steve decided to gain more knowledge and make his interest in Health and Fitness a career and so completed a full time course with Premier Development to become a Qualified, Fitness Trainer, Personal trainer and Sport Therapist. These skills provided a lot of knowledge such as injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Steve was also in the Army reserves where he trained as a Combat Medic gaining more valuable knowledge and also becoming a qualified Army Physical Training Instructor responsible for the Fitness Assessments of the Army Personnel.

This led to Steve working as an Instructor for large Military bootcamps companies which he really enjoyed.

Progression Fitness draws from many years of experience of training military and civilians.

The Progression Fitness approach has a personal touch we want our training to be fun and effective with progression to a healthier, fitter lifestyle.



Vikki has always been the active type and has been interested in athletics from an early age.
From a very young age Vikki was riding and working with horses and enjoyed the outdoor lifestyle.

Vikki is a level 2 Fitness trainer and has in the past worked in gyms writing programs for clients.

Preferring to train outside Vikki many years ago started running and bootcamp training this progressed to running bootcamp sessions her self helping others to also enjoy group training outside.

Vikki also runs our Progression Fitness family / buggy friendly day session class with the help of her young son Jayson.



Since I was kid sports and fitness have been my life, weather it’s playing basketball in the national league, football for fun or boxing for charity.

My Fitness journey as an instructor started back home in Hereford as part of the Weight management team at Archways Leisure LTD, to which we had a very high success rate with all our clients.

I moved to the Royal Air Force where I served in the infantry for 5.5 years in which I served on 3 tours of duty.
I kept very active playing a number of sports and representing the Air Force in the boxing ring.

I like to combine my knowledge of bodyweight exercises along side my military experience to make the best fitness circuits as possible.

“Push yourself to your limit, then push that little bit more”


  • Reps level 2 personal trainer.
  • Advanced Army Physical Training Instructor
  • Army Health Trainer.
  • British Army Paratrooper.
  • Army Physical Training instructor for 16 years.
  • Fitness Instructor/personal trainer with over 20 years experience.