Progress to a Fitter Lifestyle

Progression Fitness

At Progression Fitness we believe that Health and Fitness is best Improved through lifestyle balance, incorporating a regular routine of exercise, nutrition, rest and recovery.


Steve is a very encouraging and supportive trainer. Sessions are well thought out with lots of variety. He is very good at changing exercises and runs to suite your ability level so everyone feels they have achieved their best and had a great workout that’s right for them.

Lorna Holmes

Have been training with Steve since 2012 , always his goal to make sure everyone achieves there best result possible in a fun environment as Steve has a great sense of humour and always sincere in his objectives. Look forward to many more sessions to come.....

Matt Tomkins

Fantastic trainer and awesome outdoor bootcamp classes, every session is different and caters for every level from beginner to someone who works out every day. Highly recommend to all

Kristy Tappin

I tend to get bored doing the same things over and over so to stick to training with Steve for over a year now is a credit to him as his sessions are always different, fun and adapted to all abilities and pushes you to your limit with encouragement and support from him and the rest of the group - highly recommended

Melanie Snowden

I've trained with Steve since 2006 both for fitness and martial arts. He's brilliant!
Steve has got me ready for some mad stuff including climbing mountains in the Arctic Circle and cycling across Europe. He fixed me when I dislocated my shoulder and when I ruptured my knee - most of the time I can't even remember which ones I injured! The man's a legend despite having the whitest legs in the world! Go Steve!

Nick Jackson

Steve is a 5-star trainer. Very knowledgeable in his field with a great sense of humour! The sessions are varied, fun, challenging, and cater for all abilities. 100% recommendation for this great boot camp!

Sarah Rexstrew

I’ve been training with Steve for 6 years, he always makes the sessions varied and exciting. He pushes you to your individual limits, he’s such a great coach, nice guy and will always encourage you to do your best.

Martin Rowland

Steve is a great trainer, versatile, and fun! Great work out sessions ! All different and a fab group I get the delight of being around 3 times a week too!!

Wendy Shorts

An excellent personal trainer and a true pleasure to exercise with. Could not recommend a more encouraging, friendly and dare I say CHEEKY chap 😀 Have trained with him for three years or so and wouldn't go anywhere else.

George Blackman

Steve is a brilliant trainer. He pushes you when you need pushing and encourages you when you need encouragement, he's done absolute wonders for my fitness levels. Very highly recommended!

Steve Tomkins

Steve is an amazing trainer, whatever your age and fitness level. Inspirational and kind too! X

Julie Sibley

As always, best thing ever

Jacqueline Thatcher-van Esveld

Brilliant trainer and great outdoor bootcamp for all levels.

Linda McKechnie

Progress to a Fitter Lifestyle

Our Instructors come from civilian and military backgrounds with a mix of training ideas and experiences.

We feel a balanced lifestyle with regular training outside all year round is better for you physically and mentally.

Training in a natural environment with like minded people lifts the mood to motivate the group to gain fitness,strength,knowledge and new friends.